U p s t a i r s


If you're on your phone, you should turn it sideways. This site was written by hand, in notepad, and no steps were taken to optimize the mobile experience. Hell, I don't even think I know how to do that. This website was designed to be viewed on a computer.

This is the latest iteration of my personal website, which has been around in some form or another since the late 1990s. Nothing here now was here then, nothing here then is still here now, with the exception of the DC Hub stuff, which isn't really 'here' anyway--at least not for now.

This is likely going to be just a bunch of random pages and articles dealing with things I like, you know, hobbies and whatnot. I'll write and post pages as I do things. Probably it's going to be a lot of retro gaming and PC stuff, and I'll try to be useful and post tutorials for stuff I end up having to teach myself how to do. I may also post blog-like pages about my exploits in thrifting and collecting old PC hardware.

'Where's the old stuff?'

There is nothing here that's web-front-endable at the moment. Read on if you'd like. If you have detailed questions, then you probably already know how to find me, but you can also send me an email if you have any questions.

The DC hub is currently down because I didn't feel like porting the whole thing over to the new server. I don't have local copies of the hub config which means bringing it to the new server would require essentially a groun-up rebuild, with the exception of motd.txt and rules.txt, which have been virtually unchanged for over twenty years. Right now there's little interest in the Direct Connect network--at least amongst English-speakers, and I'm not bringing the whole thing up so a bunch of randos can idle in the hub and not ever register to download shit. If two people ask me about it I'll probably bring it back as it requires virtually no work to maintain. As of the time of this page's creation, though, it's been about four months and no one has asked me why they can't connect. Shame, I guess.

The pastebin is down until I feel like porting it over from the old server. For security reasons I'll probably do a fresh install anyway. All your old pastes are gone, though. If you were a regular user you were warned though. Sorry, still though. When upstairs.wtf/pastebin is back it will likely be running on PrivateBin again and I might try to sub-domain it for easier access.

The imagehost is retired permanently mostly because of hosting storage, but also because hosts and ISPs don't like it and it draws too much unwanted attention.

Hopefully at some point there will be some useful content here. Stay tuned.